Genuine Schaller Germany Hannes Fixed Piezo Loaded Bridge, Chrome 12020200

Genuine Schaller Germany Hannes Fixed Piezo Loaded Bridge, Chrome 12020200

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Genuine Schaller Hannes 6-String Fixed Bridge with Piezo, Chrome, Made in Germany
Manufacturers Part Number : 

This is the piezo loaded version Schaller's premium Hannes fixed bridge. It contains many innovations -

  • Each string is fed via a separate coupler unit individually adjustable in terms of intonation and height (saddle/string plate)..
  • The individual couplers lie flat on the guitar surface.
  • The bridge unit vibratory mass has been minimized.
  • The bridge is low-maintenance and is comfortable to play.
  • Works with most preamps, including the Schaller Flagship preamp system
  • The Hannes Piezo is immune to mechanical wear and corrosion
  • Unlike metal-based piezo systems and the widely known problems they are plagued with the Schaller Hannes Piezo bridge is constructed differently - and for good reasons. 
  • The piezo is installed deep into the saddle unit from underneath. Since neither string nor strumming hand gets in contact with the piezo mechanical wear and tear is never going to be an issue. 
  • Each individual piezo it is hermetically sealed in its slot. Since sweat and moisture will never get in touch with the piezo crystal the system withstands the common threats of moisture i.e. corrosion and short circuits.

This new high-tech guitar bridge was developed over a number of years by Roland Hannes, a French inventor now living in California. Thanks to a partnership formed together with the world’s most renowned hardware manufacturer, Schaller GmbH