Kluson Traditional 6 In Line, Oval Button Nickel SD9105MN DR

Kluson Traditional 6 In Line, Oval Button Nickel SD9105MN DR

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Kluson Traditional 6 In Line, Oval Metal Button, Safety Post, Double Line, Nickel SD9105MN DR

This Kluson® 6-in-line tuning machine set has oval metal (butter bean-shaped) buttons and the improved 15:1 gear ratio for more stable and accurate tuning. The housing and button style are period correct for 1965 - 1969 production dates. These feature the Kluson® Safety Post. This set comes complete with 6 bass side tuners, 8.8mm O.D. vintage bushings with 1/4 inch I.D. (part#MB65N US) and mounting screws (TMSC) needed for installation. 

Additional Product Information
Please note: If you are retro-fitting a vintage instrument that has been modified or putting this vintage style tuning machine on a modern instrument you may also need to purchase the part # MB65N-L US - adapter bushings to convert a larger size peghole to vintage size to allow for proper fit and function. Available in both Nickel and Gold finishes

Historically used on: 
1965 - 1967 Fender® Telecaster 
1965 - 1967 Fender® Stratocaster 
1965 - 1967 Fender® Jazzmaster 
1965 - 1967 Fender® Jaguar 
1965 - 1967 Fender® Custom Telecaster 
1965 - 1967 Fender® Coronado II 
1965 - 1966 Fender® Electric XII 12 string (need 1 left and 1 right hand set) 
1965 Fender® Fender Bass IV (6 string bass) 
1965 - 1967 Fender® Kingman 
1965 - 1967 Fender® Concert 
1965 - 1967 Fender® Malibu 12 string 
1965 - 1967 Fender® Shenandoah 12 string