Lace 21091-05 Hot Gold Sensor Neck, Mid, Bridge (6.0K) Mint color

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Lace 21091-05 Hot Gold 6.0K Neck, Mid, Bridge pickup - Mint Color

The best just got better! It's not just a dual coil trying to emulate a single coil.

This is a true Single coil pickup and it's Lace's quiet noise reduced Sensor design! They added to a classic design - this revised and enhanced new Lace Sensor Hot Gold pickup has a slightly stronger output. The Hot Gold's retain all the definition of the regular Gold Lace Sensors but add a firm bottom and singing mid range. Excellent from clean to vintage growl. Lace's #1 most popular electric pickup.

These Lace Sensor Hot Gold's have a fat, full bottom end, a singing midrange and all the high end sparkle and class you would expect from a killer Strat, everything is there like never before.

Three-notes into these pickups and you too will hear the greatness we have all been waiting for.

Hot Gold Specs

The Lace Hot Gold Sensors have upgraded and hotter Barium Ferrite magnets, Patented Lace Micro Matrix Combs for killer Vintage tone, available with an optional Hot Bridge@ 13.2k for more power and cut for harder rockin' and searing solos. Or the Standard Lace Sensor Set, all 6.0k's for neck, middle and bridge for that traditional Stratocaster sound and feel.

Hot Gold is available: Black, White, Cream or Mint

Hot Gold Sensor

  • Position: neck, mid, bridge
  • Resistance: 6.0k
  • Peak frequency: 3600
  • Inductance: 2.2

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