Bare Knuckle Pickups is a privately owned business based in the UK, specializing in hand-wound electric guitar pickups; traditional skills and uncompromising values form the basis of a hard-working and forward-thinking company. 

Every pickup made at Bare Knuckle is wound and made entirely by hand, in-house, by a dedicated team of pickup winders.

The team at Bare Knuckle is fanatical about music, and are all dedicated guitar players. We don't allow sets of hypothetical rules to determine how our pickups sound; we use our hands and our ears. All of their pickups are designed, voiced and tested in rehearsal, in the studio, or on stage; anywhere but on paper and always in the hands of a guitar player. Time and price aren't the deciding factors in a Bare Knuckle pickup construction; outstanding tone and reliability is.

Bare Knuckle we are committed to producing the best sounding pickups possible and they warranty their pickups not just for a few years, but for life.