Plek at SportHiTech

The Plek is a robotic tool that can measure the frets, nut and action of your instrument with extraordinary accuracy and precision, and then deepen the nut slots if needed and level and dress the frets to the optimum position. Afterwards the final setup is performed and the strings changed before the instrument is returned to you.

If you're interested in having your guitar set up by the most accurate system on the planet, we offer contactless drop off and pickup for Plek processing in our state-of-the-art facility if you live within driving distance, or a ship in and ship return via Fedex or UPS.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you Plek my guitar while I wait?
Because of workload, we can't predict what can happen on any day, so sorry, but no.

How long will you need my guitar?
We normally process and complete Plek setups within 5-7 business days of receipt provided other work is not needed.

What does a Plek setup cost? 
A regular setup costs $239, and includes new strings, truss rod adjustment, nut slot lowering if needed and a fret level and dress using the Plek. Frets are then hand polished and the intonation and action adjusted as needed.

Can I just get a diagnostic scan?
Yes - we can run a full scan on your instrument to document a baseline and determine if any work is needed. A scan costs $70, which is credited against any work that may be needed if you decide to proceed.

Any discount for multiple instruments?
Yes, there is a multi-instrument discount. Second and subsequent instruments are 25% discount.

How can I find out more about the Plek process?
Please read the description of the process here.

What about instruments with a compound radius?
Plek fully supports compound radius necks

Can the Plek process bass guitars?
Yes! 4, 5 or 6 string bass guitars are no problem.

How about 7 and 8 string guitars?
Yes, those are fully supported too.

Can you Plek a headless guitar?
Yes, Plek will work with many headless instruments.

What about stainless steel frets?
Yes, we can work with Stainless Steel and EVO frets as well as traditional nickel-silver. Because these frets are harder on the tooling, there is a small upcharge for instruments with these fret types.

How about Covid-19?
Our shop and facility is CDC compliant, and drop off and pickup are contactless to the maximum extent possible. 

Any other questions not covered here? Please email us at or via our contact form.