Fender Licensed Fat Pau Ferro Unfinished Strat Neck WD SNFDPF

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Genuine WD Music Fender® Licensed Replacement Fat Maple Unfinished Strat Neck SNFDPF

This Fender® Licensed neck design is based on an early 1960's Stratocaster® to give you a real fat C-shaped contour and fill your hand. They say more mass equals more sustain and if that is the case, being almost an inch thick from the 1st fret through the 12th fret should give you the added sustain you're looking for! Maple with Pau Ferro fretboard and unfinished so you can use the finish you want. Nut not included.
This neck is made from maple and has a Pau Ferro fingerboard. Pau Ferro (Machaerium villosum or schleroxylon), also known as Morado, Santos Rosewood, or Bolivian Rosewood has many of the qualities that are highly regarded in a fingerboard wood. It's stable, abrasion resistant, hard, attractive, exotic and has good compression strength parallel to the grain.
As with all exotic material, grain, pattern and color can vary from piece to piece. The photographs show are representative only and grain pattern will not be exactly as shown.
All necks require a minor level and polish and may need to be fine-tuned for your instrument. This is perfectly normal and not a defect. Because of the variety of set up preferences out there, we leave that to you. WD contemporary style (22 fret) necks have a double action truss rod which adjusts both front and back bow while the vintage necks use a vintage-correct heel-adjustable single action truss rod which adjusts only 1 way. 

All necks should be carefully inspected prior to installation and/or modification as the neck is rendered non-returnable once altered. All wood is considered unique with individual growth patterns. Some necks may have minor grain variations due to the organic nature of wood. These are not seconds or "blems". Please contact customer service if you have any questions or concerns about your neck when it arrives. We cannot guarantee exact neck pocket fit due to varying manufacturer tolerances, wood shrinkage or expansion over time etc. Some neck pocket modification may be required. 

We recommend that if you are not familiar with the proper steps to replace a guitar or bass neck that you should contact a professional for assistance.
Fingerboard Radius = 10 in. 
Nut Width = 1 5/8 in. 
Profile Shape = U-Shape 
Fret type and count = Medium 6150 / 21 frets
Tuner peghole size = 11/32 in. 
Binding = none
Neck Finish = unfinished 
Truss Rod location = heel
Neck and Fretboard Type = One-piece Maple with Pau Ferro fretboard 
Heel Type = Standard Stratocaster 
Orientation = Right-handed 
1st Fret Thickness = 0.93 in. 
12th Fret Thickness = 0.99 in. 
Fret Marker = Pearloid Dot
Buy with confidence from SportHiTech. All Fender licensed necks are factory fresh and brand new.