Genuine Fender 099-0818-100 6 inline chrome locking tuners with 2-pin mount

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Genuine Fender® 6 inline Chrome locking tuners, 2 pin mount - Fender part # 099-0818-100

Fender locking tuners with 2-Pin fender mount as used on American Deluxe Series Guitars. Excellent drop-in tuner upgrade for all US and Mexican Strat and Tele style headstocks with 2 pin mount and 10mm tuner holes (not Vintage or Vintage Reissue with 8.5mm holes). The very best upgrade you can install to upgrade your tuning stability, 18:1 gear ratio and Staggered post (3 short posts for strings 1,2 & 3 and 3 long posts for 4, 5 & 6).

DOES NOT fit Fender guitars or necks that are made outside the US and Mexico. Does not fit Squier. 

Full manufacturer warranty, new and in factory packaging. Includes washers and bushings