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Genuine Fender Custom Shop 60's Jazz Bass Pickup set 099-2101-000

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Genuine Fender® 099-2101-000 Custom Shop 60's Jazz Bass® Pickups (set of 2)

Based on actual vintage Jazz bass pickups, Custom SHop Custom 60's Jazz Bass pickups deliver classic original-era tone and power, and are also over wound for even hotter output with unmistakeable punch and midrange growl. Built with Formvar magnet wire and Alnico 5 magenets. Sold as a set of 2. Made in the USA.

One Custom '60s Neck Pickup, DC Resistance 7.1K, Inductance 3.18 Henries
One Custom '60s Bridge Pickup, DC Resistance 7.4K, Inductance 3.25 Henries

Custom Shop Pickups are created with the same unsurpassed attention to detail and quality as world-renowned Custom Shop instruments, with distinctively Fender design. All Custom Shop pickups are crafted with cloth lead wires and fiber bobbins, and a wax potted using special machinery to ensure that they are free from microphonics.