Genuine Fender Noiseless Hot Stratocaster Pickups Aged White 099-2105-000

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Genuine Fender® Noiseless Hot Stratocaster Pickups, Aged White, Set of 3, 099-2105-000

Noiseless Pickups, Stratocaster® Hot, Set of 3 (neck/middle/bridge).

This Noiseless pickup set was designed exclusively for Jeff Beck. Jeff wanted a bigger sound and better tonal dynamics than a standard single coil pickup could deliver, and he got exactly what he was after in the new hotter Noiseless design. Warm and punchy neck pickup tone with a blusey feel, and a bridge pickup that screams at high gain. The clean tone is clear and very full. This pickup delivers the best definition and sensitivity that has ever graced the Strat.

Features beveled edge alnico v magnets and enamel coated magnet wire.


DC Resistance: 10.4K
Inductance: 3.5 Henries
Magnet: 2 Ceramic 8
Weighted Resonance: 3,100 Hz

Made in USA