Genuine Highwood Contoured Saddles, Set of 6, 2-1/8" import spacing, Aged Relic Nickel

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Genuine Highwood Contoured Saddles, Set of 6, (10.8 mm / 2-1/8" spacing), Aged Relic Nickel
Manufacturers Part Number: 0262-R

Highwood saddles improve dramatically on stock saddles, with recessed height adjustment screws so your hands don't get torn up, a string slot to avoid slippage, and a conical intonation spring. Not only that, but the better quality steel improves sustain, definition and response.

This is a high quality, European-made set of replacement saddles. A great upgrade for your Strat-style guitar!

  • Saddle width: 10.8 mm (0.425")
  • Saddle length: 21.34 mm (0.840")
  • String spacing (E-E): 53.97mm (2-1/8") Import Spacing
  • Fits Korea, China, Japan etc imports.

Also available in shiny/gloss nickel, and in vintage and modern string spacing.

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