Genuine Hipshot A Style 4 String Bass Bridge Aluminum, Chrome 0.750 spacing

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Hipshot A Style 4 String Bass Bridge Aluminum, Chrome, 0.750 spacing

Hipshot style A Bass bridges are available in a wide variety of string spacing; in your choice of aluminum or brass. All style A bass bridges feature top load or thru the body stringing options.Type A saddles feature variable string spacing adjustment for even greater versatility and fine intonation adjustment as well.


  • 4 String
  • Lightweight machined aluminum
  • 0.750 String spacing
  • Made in USA
  • Adjustable string spacing

Includes Mounting Screws and wrench

Style 'A' bridges have rectangular string saddles and feature side to side string spacing adjustment.  Each string can be adjusted about .080" (2mm) side to side for better string/pickup/neck alignment. The saddles are nested into channels cut into a solid brass or aluminum base plate to provide positive no-wiggle positioning. These bridges are also available in a wide variety of string spacing.

Style 'A' bridges are machined out of solid brass or aluminum materials (not cast out of soft, gummy zinc ) and are available in polished chrome, black or gold finishes. These bridges also feature quick release top string loading. a-750-dimensions.jpgSportHiTech are Hipshot Distributors. Full warranty and support on all Hipshot products