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Genuine Hipshot SK1 Knurled Button Black also fits Grover

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Genuine Hipshot SK1 Tuner Button - Ultra lightweight knurled aluminum, made in the USA

The Hipshot SK1 is a knurled aluminum knob with an ultra-narrow profile, ideal where weight or space is at a premium, or where an ultra-cool look is desired. The SK1 button is available in black or in satin chrome, and attaches to the tuner shaft using a grub screw rather than and end screw. It will fit all Hipshot and Grover tuners, as well as certain Fender tuners. Please ask if you're unsure.

Price is per button so for a 6 string order 6, for a 7 string order 7 etc etc.

Customizing your tuners is quick and easy with genuine Hipshot tuner buttons. These buttons fit all Hipshot and Grover guitar tuners and are available in a wide variety of finishes and styles. All Hipshot products purchased from us carry full factory warranty and are brand new.

For more information, see our Hipshot button FAQ here