Genuine Hipshot Tone-A-Matic Bridge and Tailpiece Chrome 4TM060C

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The Tone-A-Matic by Hipshot re-writes the book on “two post” Tune-0-Matic (T-0-M) style bridges. Designed to retrofit a Nashville or Epiphone style tune-o-matic, the Tone-a-matic by Hipshot features the following:

  • Machined from aircraft grade aluminum for improved sustain and tone.
  • Unique stainless steel saddle design acts as a second class lever to push firmly into the bridge. This eliminates that aggravating saddle rattle and injects string energy into your playing.
  • The bridge plate can be adjusted forward and backward on the posts and locked in place with small set screws.
  • Over a half inch of intonation range handles even the heaviest strings.
  • Stop bar stays in place even with no string pressure thanks to small magnetic inserts.
  • All posts are adjustable with a 1/8" hex key. No more galling the tailstop posts or using pliers on the bridge posts!
  • Made in the USA
  • Ultra light weight
  • Bridge (with notched saddles)
  • Tailpiece
  • Posts for tailpiece and bridge
  • Metric Bushings (use without bushings for Nashville type)