Genuine Schaller Germany Grand Tune Ukulele, 2+2 Black Chrome, Ebony Button

Genuine Schaller Germany Grand Tune Ukulele, 2+2 Black Chrome, Ebony Button

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Genuine Schaller Grand Tune Ukulele 2+2 Tuners, Black Chrome with Ebony button, Made in Germany
Manufacturers Part Number : 10550403.42.32

Schaller call the GrandTune® superior tuning machines, and you can see why. 100% made in Germany with precision, care and fine materials, these tuners are without doubt the best tuners of this style that you can buy, and the 18:1 ratio gives a technical edge over competitors. These are probably the finest Ukulele tuners you can buy, period.

With its cutting edge Velvet-Tec* technology the all new Schaller GrandTune® is the ultimate combination of tasteful design and velvet-smooth feel and touch.

The GrandTune® offers a precision and longevity second to none. The avoidance of synthetic coatings makes GrandTune® resonate perfectly. With its wear-free architecture GrandTune® is bound to last and shine as long as your precious guitars ever will and far beyond! Experience Velvet-Tec and find out how sound quality, tuning stability and performance define GrandTune® as the Superior Tuning Machine.
(*scientific analysis supported by Fraunhofer Institutes and others)


  • 1:18 gear ratio supports precise and velvet- smooth tuning.
  • Hyper- accurate gear joints and fittings without polymer coatings present perfect stick-slip-performance and zero wear and slackening. 
  • GrandTune® features permanently locked, sealed and covered screw joints for zero degradation and maintenance-free performance. 
  • New formula bell brass gearwheels guarantee velvet-smooth feel and touch 
  • Standard dimensions for easy installation.
  • Countersunk screw holes for solid fit and perfect sound coupling.

GrandTune® the most advanced and musical machine head ever built!

Weight : 19g per tuner


  • 4 Tuners
  • 4 press-in bushings 
  • 8 mounting screws

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