Genuine Schaller Germany Floyd Rose Tremolo Bridge, 42mm Block R2 Nut, Satin Chrome

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Genuine Schaller Floyd Rose 6 String locking Tremolo Bridge, 42mm block and R2 Nut, Satin Chrome, Made in Germany
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Schaller's long experience with the production of Double locking tremolos has gone into the development of this tremolo. Exchangeable knife edges made of hardened steel and cast steel saddles, combined with a solid tremolo block provide perfect sound transmission and an extremely long sustain.

The tremolo radius is 12" and the radius of the nut element is 10" for the R2 or R3 Nut. This is related to the taper of the fingerboard and makes for optimal playing properties. 12" and 10" measurements are the most frequently used sizes in the guitar industry.
Special studs with additional inserts are used to mount the tremolo onto the instrument. The inserts have a fine thread. We also supply studs with threads which enable the studs to be specify screwed into the wood body of the instrument directly, i.e. without inserts.
The dimensions of this Schaller Tremolo are exactly the same as the dimensions of both the Floyd Rose Tremolo and the Schaller LockMeister Tremolo. You can easily replace your Floyd Rose Tremolo with a Schaller Tremolo. This also applies to all replacement parts!
Technical specifications

* distance height adjustment screws 74.3mm,
* size press-in bushing 10mm,
* string spacing E-E 53.5mm,
* slideway intonation 8.5mm,
* weight 439g

1 locking nut complete with 2 pairs of mounting screws,
1 string retainer with mounting screws 2.2 x 16 mm,
1 tremolo claw complete with mounting screws 4.2 x 45 mm and 3 tremolo springs,
2 mounting studs with 2 threaded bushings,
3 Allen keys (2.0/2.5/3.0 mm)

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