Genuine Schaller Germany M6 Locking 3x3 set 90 deg mount Nickel

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Genuine Schaller M6 90 degree 3x3 Locking set, Nickel, made in Germany
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This is the all new M6 tuning machine featuring 18:1 Velvet-Tec™ and LX6-Lube™ for unparalleled tuning precision and comfort.The new M6 shares an identical footprint with its predecessor and can easily be interchanged with no modifications necessary.

This is a 3x3 set for 3 per side headstocks, and has a 21 mm string post that will work with almost all 3x3 headstocks that have modern 10 mm headstock holes. This set has the large buttons and the 90 degree screw hole mount (see diagram and photo for details).

The new M6 step-washer allows for trouble-free installation and perfectly and permanently centered string posts. A true Schaller innovation that improves installation and provides added protection to your M6’s longevity and flawless operation. The M6 step-washer instantly centers your string post and makes the drilling of two separate diameter holes into your headstock obsolete. The added support eliminates tilting and releases stress from the string post and the mounting screw in the back.

  • Gear ratio 1:18
  • Weight 41g (1.45 oz) per tuner
  • Large buttons
  • 90 Degree mounting hole
  • 21 mm string posts
  • Made in Germany


  • 3 Bass Side Tuners
  • 3 Treble Side Tuners
  • 6 threaded bushings
  • 6 step washers
  • 6 mounting screws
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