Genuine Sperzel Solid Pro 6 inline Chrome Plated tuners

Genuine Sperzel Solid Pro 6 inline Chrome Plated tuners

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These are genuine, factory-fresh Sperzel Solid Pro tuners, for 6 per side (6 inline) headstocks, finished in Chrome and with full manufacturer warranty. These tuners have staggered posts (2 long, 2 medium and 2 short)

(Note - Solid Pro tuners are non-locking. If you need Sperzel locking tuners, you need the Sperzel Trimlok, you can find these in our online store)

Sperzel - the word's finest machine heads - Made in the USA!

We stock a massive inventory of locking and non-locking Sperzel guitar and bass tuners, including custom colors and 7 and 8-string sets. SportHiTech are authorized Sperzel distributors and all our tuners come direct from the Sperzel factory. They carry full factory warranty, and we don't just sell these, we use them as well on our own guitars too. We're very proud of our customer service and our feedback rating, we ship quickly, and we understand and use the products we sell.

Will Sperzel tuners fit on a xxxxxx guitar?
Because there are literally thousands of necks, headstocks, tuners and variants, we can't hope to accurately answer this question every time. We recommend you read the specification below, and measure your guitar before ordering a set of Sperzel's.
Sperzel's will work on most guitars. Here's what you need to know:
Your guitar needs to have 10 mm (13/32") headstock holes. That's most guitars, but always measure before ordering. The exceptions tend to be vintage or vintage reissue Fenders.
For 3x3, all 7 string,all 8 string, 4x2 and non-staggered 6 inline sets, your headstock should not be any thicker than 0.650" (16.5 mm approx)
For 6 inline staggered sets, your headstock should not be any thicker than 0.590" (15 mm approx)
Usually, and on most guitars, headstocks are within these ranges.
Sperzel's don't use a screw to stop the tuner from rotating, they use a pin. You will always have to drill a hole for this pin for each tuner, unless your guitar had Sperzel tuners fitted previously. A template is provided with every set, and you use a 7/64" or 2.7mm drill bit to drill the small hole for the pin.
PLEASE NOTE: All information is provided on a best efforts basis and is based on the most recent information we have to help you with your project. Please check everything before modifying your guitar in any way. If you are in any doubt whatsoever, consult a reputable luthier or repair shop.