Genuine Tone Ninja 20:1 Locking Tuners, 7 String 4x3 set, Black and Gold

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Genuine Tone Ninja 20:1 Locking Tuners, 7 String 4x3 set, Black and Gold
Manufacturers Part Number: TLBG-4x3

The Tone Ninja Black and Gold special edition features a black tuner body with gold button, locking knob, washer, bushing and screw.

The new Tone Ninja locking tuners were engineered to be good looking, reliable, and a great upgrade for almost any guitar. With a locking wheel and a 20:1 gear ratio, you can be assured of tuning precision and stability. Also available in Chrome, Black, Black Nickel, Gold, Nickel and Satin chrome and in most popular six, seven and eight string formats including left handed and baritone.

Fits guitars with a 10 mm modern peghead hole size. See the Tone Ninja Locking Tuner FAQ for specifications and button options.

Seven string sets have a specific 7th tuner that will accomodate a string gauge up to 0.085".


  • 7 Tone Ninja Locking tuners, on with larger string aperture (takes strings up to 0.085") 
  • 7 screws
  • 7 bushings
  • 7 washers

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