Genuine Tone Ninja Black Sleek String Trees (Pair) TREE-301-B

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Genuine Tone Ninja Black Sleek String Trees (Pair)
Manufacturers Part Number: TREE-301-B

These string trees are a high quality and excellent option to upgrade the string retainers (aka trees) on your guitar.  They will fit on any guitar that uses string retainers and will help improve the tone and tuning performance of your guitar.

Tone Ninja String trees are engineered from the same material as our Tone NInja nuts, so they have built in lubricity, which can significantly improve tuning stability as strings are less likely to bind on the string trees.  

  • String Trees (2)
  • Mounting screws (2) 
 Measure (each)  Length Width 
Inches 15/32"
9/32" 5/16"
Millimeters 11.70mm 7.12mm 7.65mm 
All Tone Ninja products carry a full factory warranty. Buy with confidence from SportHiTech, and authorized Tone Ninja Distributor.