Genuine Tone Ninja Slotted 4-String Bass Guitar Nut, White NUT-101-W1

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Genuine Tone Ninja Slotted 4-String Bass Guitar Nut, White
Manufacturers Part Number : NUT-101-W1 

A great upgrade for your 4 String bass guitar.

Specification (inches):

Top Radius Bottom Radius Length Width Height E to G Spacing
9.5" Flat 1.615 0.182 0.348 1.224 0.408

 Specification (mm):

Top Radius Bottom Radius Length Width Height E to G Spacing
241.3mm Flat 41.02mm 4.62mm 8.84mm 31.09mm 10.36mm

Also available in black (TN-NUT-101-B1) and as a 5-pack (TN-NUT-101-W5)

There are only two points where your strings contact the body of your guitar, the nut and the saddle. This makes the nut crucial in the "Tone Chain" that affects how your guitar sounds. However, there's more to it than that - the action and playability of the guitar is greatly affected by the height of the strings at the nut, and making sure that this is correct is crucial to your guitar's playability. In addition, tuning stability can be affected if the strings bind in the nut slots.

Here's how Tone Ninja nuts solve those problems:

Tone: Tone Ninja nuts are manufactured using an engineered polymer that has a very high and consistent density that transmits more of the vibration of the strings to the neck of the guitar.

Fit: Tone Ninja nuts are precision slotted and are pre-sized for most common instruments.    Because guitars are made out of wood, they can vary slightly, so all Tone Ninja nuts are made slightly oversize so you can adjust to fit on installation. The material used to manufacture Tone Ninja nuts is easy to work for that final adjustment.

Tuning: All Tone Ninja nuts are made from a material that has a natural lubricity - which means no more lubricating your nuts with graphite, the nut is self-lubricating. Great news if you have a trem, because the nut won't bind. The precision engineered slots mean no more binding when tuning, solving that problem once and for all.


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