Genuine Tone Ninja Tuners, 3x3, Black Nickel

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Genuine Tone Ninja Tuners, 3x3, Black Nickel
Manufacturers Part Number: T7BN-3x3

Tone Ninja diecast tuners are a great upgrade for any electric or acoustic guitar, and carry a best in class lifetime warranty. Precise tuning from a 16:1 gear ratio, enclosed gears for trouble-free operation, and a 135 degree mounting screw for flexibility of mounting.

Installation: Tone Ninja diecast tuners will fit most 3x3 guitars with 10 mm headstock holes.

Tone Ninja diecast tuners are available in a variety of configurations, including staggered and non-staggered, 12 string, 3x3 and 4x2. A variety of buttons are also available, and the tuners can be ordered in Chrome, Black, Gold, Nickel and Satin chrome.

  • Three (3) bass side tuners
  • Three (3) treble side tuners
  • Six (6) screw-in 10 mm bushings
  • Six (6) washers
  • Six (6) mounting screws

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