Graph Tech Acoustic Nylon String Midi Kit

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Ghost Acoustic MIDI System - Nylon String Guitars

Finally, a MIDI pickup system designed specifically for the acoustic guitar. Most acoustic MIDI systems use metal saddle pickups which destroy the natural and authentic sound of your acoustic guitar. The ghost Acoustic MIDI System retains a natural and amplified acoustic sound with unlimited MIDI possibilities. The ghost Acoustic MIDI System adds MIDI interface capability, studio quality acoustic preamp and unparalelled fast and accurate tracking for most nylon string acoustic guitars. The same set of pickup saddles drives both the MIDI and acoustic modules at the same time!

The same set of pickup saddles drives both the MIDI and acoustic modules at the same time!

Note: You will also need a pitch-to-MIDI converter such as a Roland or Axon.

This kit includes: 

  • a set of six ghost-loaded pickups for nylon string guitar that fit in a 1/8" saddle slot 
  • Hexpander preamp board with 13-pin jack
  • Acoustic Tone Control preamp board which has controls for MIDI volume, acoustic volume, treble, bass, mid, and mid-sweep  
  • a Pagoda shim, to create an 18" saddle radius (file to adjust)
  • Interface wiring harness, to connect between boards
  • 1/4" output jack with battery harness


Designed to integrate easily into a steel or nylon string acoustic guitar, the ghost Acoustic MIDI System will open a new world of tonal possibilities never before available to the acoustic guitarist.

  • No metal saddles! Our saddles retain a natural and authentic acoustic tone.
  • Fastest, most accurate MIDI tracking available.
  • Saddle pickups fit a standard 1/8” saddle slot.
  • Flexible installation permits custom control layout.
  • Plug-in components for rapid assembly and testing.
  • Patented String Saver® saddles to dramatically reduce string breakage.
  • Compatible with today’s state-of-the-art controllers such as Roland GR33, GI-20, VG99, and V Bass, Axon AX-50, AX-100, and many more

Watch Steve Oliver demonstrate the capabilities of the ghost Acoustic MIDI System on the Carvin NS1 guitar.

For detailed installation information, download Product Manuals and Installation Guides here.

All The Benefits of String Savers
Custom-engineered piezo crystals are encapsulated in a set of Graph Tech’s patented String saver saddles that dramatically reduce string breakage while resonating in the frequency range needed to achieve true, full-bodied acoustic tone that is not possible with a metal saddle.

Individually calibrated for even string-to-string output, these permanently-lubricated, precision balanced saddles have a natural compression effect, so you can play as hard as you want, without overloading the input channel and experiencing the dreaded piezo “quack”.

Plug-In Without Sounding Plugged-In
The ghost Acoustic MIDI system comprises two electronic modules that install inside your guitar: the Hexpander MIDI Interface, and the Tone Control acoustic preamp with 3-band EQ (and a mid-sweep control, for optimal shaping of your sound).  This lets you plug in and amplify your acoustic guitar with remarkably faithful tonal quality by operating with the latest MIDI converters like Roland GR33, GI-20, VG99,  Axon AX-50, AX-100, and many more while using your guitar as a controller for MIDI or Virtual sounds. 

A Whole New World of Sounds
MIDI/Virtual sounds can be authentic acoustic guitar samples, or exotic patches like horns, strings, percussion, bass, electric guitar and amp combinations, or synthesizer sounds from the realm of keyboard instruments. Now all this is possible right from your acoustic guitar as the musical source.

Dream On
Dreams of MIDI guitar have long been hindered by poor tracking, but now Graph Tech’s ghost pickup saddles and Hexpander MIDI Interface Module provide incredibly fast and accurate tracking, so you can even play both acoustic and MIDI/Virtual sounds simultaneously for a limitless palette of blended sounds.

Choose a ghost Acoustic/MIDI Kit for either Steel or Nylon stringed guitars. Installation for flat or radiused fingerboards is possible by omitting or including the provided pagoda shim.  Saddles fit a 1/8” saddle slot. Some modification of the instrument is required to install pickups and output jacks.