Graph Tech Ghost Acousti-Phonic preamp Kit for Guitar -Advanced

Graph Tech Ghost Acousti-Phonic preamp Kit for Guitar -Advanced

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Ghost Acousti-Phonic Preamp Kit for Guitar

Be the Band with the ghost® Pickup System. Get studio-quality acoustic sound or MIDI-compatible output at the flick of a switch! Finally, an affordable, modular pickup system in an easy-to-install package. 

  • Incredibly authentic, studio-quality acoustic guitar tone.
  • Natural compression totally eliminates piezo "quack".
  • All the benefits of Graph Tech's patented String Saver™ saddles.
  • Easy, plug-and-play installation; very little soldering required.
  • Expandable system -- pre-amps & optional controls simply plug in!  

The Acousti-Phonic Kit for Guitar includes: 

BD-0240-00 Acousti-Phonic Intelligent pre-amp EQ'd for guitar
BD-0103-01 Switchcraft Stereo Switched Output Jack
BE-5003-00 Stereo Output Jack Cable Assembly (R-W-Bu harness, connects jack to pre-amp)
BE-5002-00 Acoustic Volume Cable Assembly (Vi-Y-Gn harness, connects volume pot and mag system to pre-amp)
BE-0204-00 Battery Connecter (connects 9v to pre-amp)
BE-0205-00 Battery Holder (metal clip that holds 9V battery)
PE-0111-00 QuickSwitch for mag/both/acoustic
PE-0206-00 Acoustic Volume Pot with Mid/Dark Switch 

You will also need to order ghost Saddle Pickups or a ghost-loaded Bridge Assembly to complete your ghost system. Pickups are different for every type of guitar bridge, so they are always ordered separately from the kits. 

To use the Acousti-Phonic in Stereo Mode (two amps, mag and acoustic) you'll need a Stereo Y-Cable.

The Installation manual is available Here 

Acousti-Phonic Modular Pre-amp 

  • for studio-quality acoustic sound from your electric guitar or bass. 
  • captures the natural acoustics of your electric guitar -- hear the sound of the wood!
  • can be amplified or recorded directly
  • eliminates feedback or mic placement problems associated with an amplified acoustic guitar
  • automatically detects and selects mono (single amp) or stereo (dual amp) operation
  • onboard ghost pickup volume control to adjust the magnetic/acoustic mix
  • auxiliary 9v - 18v power for active mag pickups  -- eliminates the need for two sets of batteries
  • included jack shuts off all on-board devices when 1/4" cable is unplugged
 "(ghost) offers probably the best sounding rendition of an acoustic guitar you're ever likely to hear from an electric guitar"

 -- Guitarist Magazine

 The ghost Modular Pickup System is factory installed in guitars made by:

 Godin, Peavey, Schecter, Carvin, and the Yamaha Custom Shop.