Graph Tech Ghost loaded P/J Bass Pickups, 4 String Narrow

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Graph Tech Ghost Pickups, P/J Bass style, 4 String Narrow Spacing

The PN-8314-00 is a set of four ghost loaded pickups for a four string Jazz Bass or Precision Bass guitar with narrow string spacing.  They are a drop in replacement set to make for an easy install.

Fits Fender-style Precision and Jazz-style electric basses with narrow string spacing.

The most crucial measurement for most Ghost saddles is often the E-E spacing -- the distance between your High-E and Low-E strings, measured at the saddles. Other dimensions may be approximate because the saddles have height-adjustment and intonation-adjustment screws.

They will work with any Ghost preamp kit.

 Measure  Length Width 
E to E  
0.337" 2.5" 
inches 19/32"
11/32" 11/32" 2 1/2"
millimeters 15.34mm 8.71mm 8.56mm 

Ghost pickups contain a custom engineered piezo crystals that is encapsulated in a set of String Saver saddles. The ghost saddle pickups have a natural compression effect so you can play as hard as you want without overloading the input channel or experiencing the dreaded piezo "Quack".

Pickups are individually calibrated so you get a precision-balanced set of ghost saddles, for even string to string output. Any set of ghost pickups can be used in conjunction with any ghost preamp kit as well as many others on the market.

Installing ghost saddle pickups doesn’t change your magnetic tone. Any improvement in tone is attributed to the qualities of Graph Tech’s patented String Saver material. For running your ghost Saddle Pickups straight to the ¼” jack for signal processing outside the guitar, check out Graph Tech’s passive volume kit (PE-0400-00). This helps to impedance-match the piezo pickups to your amp, to prevent high frequency loss.