Graph Tech Ghost loaded Vintage 3 barrel Tele Saddles

Graph Tech Ghost loaded Vintage 3 barrel Tele Saddles

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Graph Tech Ghost loaded loaded Vintage 3-Barrel Tele Saddles

Fits most IOS Teles. 

This is a set of six saddles. 

Please measure the saddles on your bridge to confirm that this product is a suitable replacement saddle for your guitar. 

The most crucial measurement for most ghost saddles is often the E-E spacing -- the distance between your High-E and Low-E strings, measured at the saddles. Other dimensions may be approximate because the saddles have height-adjustment and intonation-adjustment screws. 

Use this Nut and Saddle Sizing Guide (PDF) to determine correct sizing. Print it out at 100% and the illustrations are actual size.

Measurements Thickness Length Height E to E
Approx. In. 13/32" 13/16" 7/32" 2  1/16
Inches 0.815 0.815 0.23 2.076
Millimeters 0.41 20.7 5.84 52.73