Graph Tech Ghost Stereo Y Cable

Graph Tech Ghost Stereo Y Cable

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Graph Tech Ghost  Stereo Y Cable

To use the Acousti-Phonic's Stereo Mode --  to send the mags to your guitar amp and the acoustic piezo saddles to an acoustic amp or direct to the P.A. system -- you need to split the signal using a Y-cable. We are please to offer this stereo-to-two-mono Y-cable, which is the right kind for use with the Acousti-Phonic (the wrong kind is stereo-to-two-stereo, which is for sharing headphones with a buddy).

Our Y-cable features heavier gauge wire than the kind for studio microphones (so you can actually use it on stage), and  is 12" long, so that you can pass it through your guitar strap, to keep the two 1/4" patch cords together and out of your way. Female ends are color coded  black for magnetic and grey for acoustic, for quick and easy setup.