Graph Tech Resomax NW2 String Saver Wraparound Bridge - Chrome PS-8593-C0

Graph Tech Resomax NW2 String Saver Wraparound Bridge - Chrome PS-8593-C0

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The PS-8593-C0 is the ResoMax NW2 Wraparound Bridge in a chrome finish. This lightweight, high strength bridge will increase harmonic content and leave your guitar dripping with tone. It comes pre-loaded with String Saver saddles for reduced string breakage and improved tuning stability.
This is a great option to upgrade or replace the existing bridge on your PRS or Gibson guitar that uses a wraparound style bridge.

The ResoMax Harmonic Bridge System is made from Graph Tech's lightweight alloy designed to have your guitar bursting with harmonics.  It's exclusive AutoLock feature secures the brides and tailpieces to your guitar, with or without strings magnetically with no tools to use or lose. All ResoMax bridges are triple plated for years of durability and good looks.


The ResoMax wraparound bridge is compatible with almost all other wraparound bridges on the market.  It will easily fit on just about all PRS and Gibson guitars as well as most other guitars using a wraparound bridge.  The best way to determine if our bridge will work is use the following fit guide to determine what will work.
Resomax Wraparound bridges currently ship with imperial posts and bushings. However a metric option is available upon special request/
*Typically North American made instruments are equipped with imperial, and International made instruments are equipped with metric posts and bushings. 

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