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Hipshot Grip-Lock Enclosed 3x3 Gold locking tuner

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These are genuine, factory-fresh Hipshot Enclosed Grip-Lock tuners, for 3x3 headstocks, with mini buttons finished in Gold and with full manufacturer warranty. They are available in any configuration - 1x5, 2x4, 3x3, 4x2 5x1 and with any button option - please email us after ordering with any special requirements.

We keep a massive inventory of Hipshot Grip-Lock guitar tuners both the open and enclosed styles, including the custom buttons, Left hand and 7-string and 8-string sets. SportHiTech are authorized Hipshot distributors and all our tuners come direct from the factory. They carry full factory warranty. We're very proud of our customer service and our feedback rating, we ship really quickly, and we understand and use the products we sell. 

All sets are built to order the same day, so we can provide any configuration and button combination you need - just send us an email if you have a special requirement. 4x2? No problem. 6 inline reverse non staggered in black with gold buttons? No problem either.

Installation - fits almost all guitars. The posts are 3/8 and fit a hole drilled as 10mm or 25/64". Everything you need to install including bushings and screws are included. The enclosed version of the tuner is the same footprint as the Schaller M6L mini tuner.

Hipshot's Grip-Lock Enclosed Guitar Tuning Machines grip your strings for positive, accurate tuning. The new sleek design and ultra smooth 16:1 gear ratio give you a great combination of tuning stability, accuracy and good looks. The locking feature eliminates the need for multiple string wraps, and trem users no longer need a locking nut that deadens string sustain and all those annoying Allen screws and wrenches (added weight). Tired of winding strings? This is the answer. The Hipshot Grip-Lok is proven to hold strings tightly, allowing the guitar to stay in tune to improve playing enjoyment. The Grip-Lock is a mechanical type locking system that can be used on any guitar, including non-trem or acoustic.