Hipshot Solo Single String Bass bridge, Black 5S100B

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Hipshot Solo Single String Bass Bridge - Black 5S100B

The Solo - Single String Bass Bridge is designed to be the most versatile bridge system you can put on your bass. 

Aside from the fact that just about any string spacing and scale length are possible with this system, the solo is equipped with Hipshot's industry leading A style saddle. Fine tuning of saddle height, intonation and string spacing are possible after the bridge is installed. Special guides cut into the base plate prevent the saddles from vibrating side to side. The base plate has two string mounting positions: one on the back of the bridge and another through the body of the bass. This gives you the option of either top load or through body stringing for varying levels of down pressure at the saddle. 
Best of all, these bridges are made to last a lifetime. The steel roller of the A saddle will stand up to even the toughest string wear. The base plate, intonation springs and screws are all stainless steel, so they won't corrode over time. 
  • Bridges are sold individually. Mounting screws are included. 
  • Stainless steel base plate, spring and intonation screw won't rust or degrade over time.
  • A style saddle has height, intonation and string spacing adjustment (string spacing adjustment is ±0.0625" from center) 
  • Slots cut into the base plate channel the height adjustment screws to prevent the saddles from moving side to side. 
  • The slots aren't wide enough to allow the screws to touch the body of the bass though.
  • Bridges can be placed on the body to achieve string to string spacings as narrow as .655"
Dimensions can be found here
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