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Hipshot Stainless Steel 3 Compensated Saddle Tele Bridge - 3 Hole mounting

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Hipshot 6 String Stainless Steel Telecaster Bridge, 3 Hole, 3 Copensated Saddle. Hipshot Part 44100

You’ll be blown away by the superb tonal quality of Hipshot's new All Stainless Steel Telecaster Replacement Bridge brings to your guitar. You’ll savor each and every note you play. Brilliant highs, gorgeous mids, and full rounded bottom tones.   Complete retrofit. Will never corrode, even the screws and springs are solid stainless steel! Compensated saddle barrels are solifd brass. Made in the USA.

Buy with confidence and full warranty from SportHiTech, an authorized Hipshot dealer. Full manufacturer warranty and factory fresh.