Hipshot Supertone 4-string Bass Bridge Gibson 2 point Gold 5G410G

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Gold Hipshot Supertone 4-string 2-point bridge for Gibson basses with 2 point mounting (pre-1973), brand new and full factory warranty. 

Breathe new life into your Gibson bass with the new completely redesigned Hipshot SuperTone Bass Bridge. A direct replacement unit for your pre-1973 Gibson 2 point bass bridge that uses your existing hole pattern. Machined out of solid aircraft quantity aluminum, the Hipshot SuperTone features complete adjustability that is easy to use: precise intonation, independent string height, and even side- to- side string spacing adjustment.

Most important of all, TONE, PUNCH and SUSTAIN that will knock your socks off! Unleash the tone that is trapped in your bass with the new Hipshot Supertone Bass Bridge! *The gold version of the Supertone is provided with black mounting hardware.

Made in the USA

For Dimensions, click here http://www.hipshotproducts.com/files/all/two_point_dimensions_drawing1.pdf