Hipshot Vintage 8.5mm Gold Lefty Non-Staggered Enclosed Grip-lock Tuner UMP Upgrade Kit

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This is a genuine, factory-fresh Vintage Left Handed 6 Inline Headstock Non-Staggered Upgrade Kit for 8.5 mm vintage headstock holes. Improve your vintage-style guitar's tuning stability without screwing up or drilling your headstock! Our vintage style Guitar Tuner Upgrade Kit is specifically Designed for vintage or vintage style guitars with 8.5mm headstock holes and press in bushings. With other modern tuners, you will have to drill your headstock holes out to 10mm. Now you can take advantage of the technology behind our Grip-Lock™ Closed tuners in either staggered or non-staggered post configration WITHOUT the compromise!
Upgrade your tuners and improve the tuning accuracy and stability of your 6 Inline headstock guitar with Hipshot's Tuner Upgrade Kit. With the patent pending UMP™(Universal Mount Plate) included free in this kit, tuners will install without drilling or screwing your headstock . The kit is also available with a wide array of button options.
Fits most 6 inline headstocks including all Fender Strat, Tele, Squier etc with vintage 8.5 mm (rather than 10 mm) tuner holes. Tuners in this kit are non-staggered post/non-graduated. 

Let's face it, upgrading your guitar's tuners is only slightly less of a hassle than dealing with the old, worn out, inaccurate or broken tuners you have now! Finding the right aftermarket tuners that match up with your guitar's mounting hole pattern can be a guessing game and if your new tuners don't match, you're stuck drilling new holes, filling the old holes and screwing in the new tuners.

The UMP™ is a patent pending adapter plate that fits between your Hipshot tuners and the headstock of your guitar. Tabs on the face of the plate prevent the tuners from slipping against the headstock. At the same time, reach nuts inserted through the existing headstock holes into the tuners keep the whole assembly securely in place. This means that the tuners, interlocking as one unit, use the headstock holes themselves for stability rather than individually drilled locator pin or mounting screw holes. Upgrading to the most precise tuners in the market is really as simple as orienting the plates on the headstock, inserting the tuners through the plates into the headstock and tightening the reach nuts and washers from the front.

Check out the Installation instructions
The tuner kit includes: 


  • 6 Gold Left Handed Enclosed 8.5mm Hipshot Non-Staggered Post Grip-lock locking tuners, with 16:1 ratio and Mini-Schaller D07 buttons
  • reach nuts
  • washers
  • UMP™ (Universal Mounting Plate)
  • screws also included in case your guitar is not compatible with the UMP™

Hipshot's Griplock Guitar Tuning Machines grip your strings for positive, accurate tuning. The new sleek enclosed design with mini-Schaller buttons and ultra smooth 16:1 gear ratio give you a great combination of tuning stability, accuracy and good looks
The locking feature eliminates the need for multiple string wraps, and trem users no longer need a locking nut that deadens string sustain and all those annoying Allen screws and wrenches (added weight). Tired of winding strings? This is the answer. The Hipshot Griplock is proven to hold strings tightly, allowing the guitar to stay in tune to improve playing enjoyment. The Griplock is a mechanical type locking system that can be used on any guitar, including non-trem or acoustic.