Kent Armstrong Chaos Series M-Bucker Double Pickup, Hot, Black

Kent Armstrong Chaos Series M-Bucker Double Pickup, Hot, Black

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Kent Armstrong Chaos Series M-Bucker Double Humbucker Pickup. Hot, Black
Manufacturers Part Number: WDMBB

This special Kent Armstrong designed double dual blade pickup that actually contains four coils in one humbucker. You heard it right... two rail pickups on one humbucker plate. Wired to full capacity, this pickup is one of the loudest humbuckers available today, but it's real strength lies in its incredible variety of wiring configurations. 2 X 4 core leads.

Although this is Kent Armstrong's most versatile and lethal pickup to date, it never loses definition and note separation. Cleans up by rolling down the volume control.

  • Magnet Type = Ceramic
  • D.C. Resistance = 27.5K
  • Pole Piece Spacing = Up to 54mm
  • Mount Type = Body or Pickguard
  • Lead wire = 2 X 4 conductor
  • Magnet dimensions in millimeters: 57mm long X 5mm thick X 7mm wide
  • Distance between two mounting screw holes (centre to centre) - 77mm
  • Width: 38mm
  • Length: 68mm (without mounting tabs)
  • Depth: 20mm (from top of bobbin down to underside of baseplate, excluding the magnet rails)

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