Mars-Tronic Treblemaker Variable Treble Bleed Kit V2T

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Mars-Tronic Treblemaker Variable Treble Bleed Kit
Manufacturers Part Number: V2T

This innovative treble bleed kit is designed to allow you you create and fine tune the tone that you are looking for from a treble bleed setup on your guitar, allowing series, parallel or both, with full control over the amount of series and parallel resistance applied using on-board pots.

(What is a Treble Bleed Circuit?)

The Treblemaker has both push terminals for solder free and solder terminals, and is small enough to fit in most control cavities.

Treble bleed circuits are designed to alleviate the issue where your tone control loses treble when the volume control is adjusted. Why compromise or make do? Try every circuit there is and fine tune the “Treblemaker” to your guitar.

The Treblemaker is a variable treble bleed circuit that gives a vast array of flexibility, yet more simple to try than any other Treble bleed in the world! A selection of 6 mylar polyester capacitors, of varying values, are supplied, but any capacitor of your choice can be used! Easy to follow Instructions are supplied and can also be found here.

Whether you want a resistor in series, parallel or both, the ‘Treblemaker’ can accommodate. Each resistor can be switched on and off and is adjustable from around 10kOhms up to 500kOhms. So any circuit you want to try is possible!! Kinman, Duncan or a combination can be tried out.

This can even replicate the same circuit as the “Fender Tone Saver” with the advantage of being tweak-able to your pick-ups and cable length.

Crocodile clips are included so you can try the circuit, and adjust externally to the guitar, before soldering and mounting in the control cavity. You could even use this as a test rig to determine what components you want for your guitar treble bleed.

The Treblemaker reflects Mars-Tronic's solution to the frustration of not being able to easily try the different ways of doing treble bleeds/high pass filters.

Parts Included

  • Treblemaker V2T
  • 470pF capacitor – 2A471J
  • 560pF capacitor – 561J
  • 680pF capacitor – 2A681J
  • 1nF capacitor – 2A102J
  • 1.2nF capacitor – 2A122J
  • 1.5nF capacitor 2A152J
  • 2 x Crocodile clips with attached lead (colours will vary)
  • 2x Adhesive backed Velcro
  • 1 x Pot Adjustment screwdriver
  • Instructions

Make in the UK, Ships from the USA. 

Also available as a solder-only kit with a smaller footprint (MT-V2Slim)

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