Schaller Germany Flagship Piezo Preamp Kit, 3 way rotary, 16010101

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Genuine Schaller Flagship Preamp Kit, 3 way rotary switching, Made in Germany
Manufacturers Part Number : 16010101 

With this new and groundbreaking Class A preamp your music has never sounded better. Clear smooth highs, soulful mids and bodacious bass combined with an impressive dynamic range of 115dB will lead your inspiration to new levels. 

With a true bandwidth of 1Hz to 20kHz at +/- 0 dB our state-of-the-art Flagship circuitry provides unprecedented signal fidelity along with exceptional operational convenience. 

Because of Flagship‘s leading-edge Rail to Rail technology a single 9V alkaline battery will provide you with 1.000+ hours of play time. 

Self-sensing circuitry automatically switches to mono or stereo operation by sensing what kind of cord is plugged in. In addition the Flagship preamp offers ultra-silent operation with a signal to noise-ratio of -115dB and a noise floor of just 20 dBV. 

Check out the installation guide

  • Suitable for all piezo pickup systems
  • plug & play
  • solderfree connections

Features & Technische Daten

  • Advanced class A circuitry for sweet, transparent sound
  • Compact, robust and perfectly shielded
  • Attractive and protective casing with see-through window
  • Original Schaller 3-way rotary switch
  • Stereo/mono self-sensing and –adjusting circuitry (no extra switch required)
  • Rail-to-rail energy efficiency technology
  • Reverse polarity and static discharge circuit protection
  • Automatic power shut-off when cable is disconnected
  • Plug-in contacts for easy solder-free installation
  • 1000+ hours of playtime on a single 9V alcaline battery
  • True 1Hz - 20kHz bandwidth at +/-0 dB
  • Ultra quiet -115 dB signal-to-noise ratio
  • Input impedance: 3 megaohms magnetic / 1 megaohm piezo
  • Output impedance: 5 k ohms
  • All parts and components 100% made in Germany
  • Comes complete with preamp, 3-way rotary switch, mono-/stereo-jack, Schaller control potentiometer, wiring and plugs
  • Weight in grams: 49
  • Size in mm: 89 x 24 x 7
  • Volume piezo bridge and passive pickup with variable adjustment.
  • Supplied with a stereo jack socket. This allows the piezo and pickup signal to be separated using a stereo splitter y-cable and then connected to two different amps or channels.

Note: All specifications subject to change without notice


  • 1 Flagship preamp
  • 1 stereo jack
  • 1 piezo volume control
  • 1 Flagship 3-way rotary switch
  • 1 battery clip
  • 2 mounting screws
  • 1 adhesive pad for mounting the Flagship unit
  • 1 9-pin connector
  • 1 screwdriver for green crimp connectors

Buy with confidence from SportHiTech, an authorized Schaller Distributor. All products are direct from Schaller in Germany and are in original factory packaging.