Sperzel SoundLok 3x3 locking Nickel tuners

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Sperzel 3x3 Nickel SoundLok open back tuners
These are genuine, factory-fresh Sperzel SoundLok tuners, for 3x3 headstocks, finished in Nickel and with full manufacturer warranty.
Here's how Sound-Lok Works
The Sound-Lok tuner is a friction lock system, and has the look of vintage safety posts of the past, where you had to measure the string and cut to length. This was very time-consuming and wasteful, especially if you cut the string short.
The Sound-Lok needs no measuring; simply insert string into the hole by the slot and feed string all the way through the shaft until it comes out the bottom of the post. Pull the string until tight, then bend the string so it lies in the slot on top of the post. With your thumb holding the string in place, tune to pitch with tuner button (Approximately 1/2 - 1 full wrap is required). The string will automatically grab and lock into place. Cut any excess string and repeat for remaining strings.