Tone Ninja Genuine Rosewood Tuner Buttons (6) fits Schaller, PRS Phase I/II

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Tone Ninja Genuine Rosewood Tuner Buttons, Set of six (6) fits Schaller, PRS Phase I/II tuners
Manufacturers Part number :  TN-BTN-QS15-6

NOTE: This listing is for the buttons ONLY, not the tuners. See our store if you are looking for tuners.
Tone Ninja's Q series buttons are crafted from natural materials from sustainable sources, and are engineered in several variations to fit most common guitar tuners. They are available in genuine Ebony wood, Tintul (a wood very similar to Madagascar Rosewood), Rosewood, Boxwood and Bone.
These buttons fit all Schaller M6, M6 Mini, M6 Vintage, Da Vinci and F Series Standard and F series Locking guitar tuners (does not fit Grand Tune, G Series or Original F Series tuners). Also fits PRS Phase I/II Locking tuners. The buttons are 18.4 x 14.4 x 7.2 mm (0.724 x 0.567 x 0.283 inches), suitable for use on most headstocks.

  • 6 Tone Ninja tuner buttons. Screws are not included, re-use your existing tuner button screws 
  • Tone Ninja tuner buttons are carved from natural materials and coloration and pattern may vary slightly from button to button and from set to set.
  • Screws are not included. Please re-use your existing screws in order to match the finish of your existing tuners.
All Tone Ninja tuner buttons are manufactured to exacting standards and carry a 1 year limited manufacturers warranty. 
Discounts available when purchased with a set of tuners. SportHiTech stock Hipshot, Grover, Fender, Gotoh, Tone Ninja, Schaller and Kluson tuners.