Tone Ninja Lustrous Pearloid Sperzel #2 Style Tuner Buttons (6), BTN-C14

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Tone Ninja Lustrous Pearloid Sperzel #2 style Tuner Buttons, Set of six Part #TN-BTNC14

NOTE: This listing is for the buttons ONLY, not the tuners.
These buttons fit all Sperzel Guitar tuners and are the same size as Sperzel #2 tunerbuttons, intended mainly for 3x3 sets.
- 6 Tone Ninja Sperzel #2 style tuner buttons. Screws are not included, re-use your existing tuner button screws.
- Tone Ninja tuner buttons coloration and pattern may vary slightly from button to button and from set to set.
- Screws are not included. Please re-use your existing screws in order to match the finish of your existing tuners.