Tone Ninja Madagascar Rosewood Imperial Tuner Buttons (6) fits Hipshot, Grover BTNF3

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Tone Ninja Genuine Madagascar Rosewood Imperial Tuner buttons, Set of six Part #TN-BTNF3

NOTE: This is for the buttons ONLY, not the tuners. 
These buttons fit all Hipshot Guitar tuners and most Grover Guitar tuners (e.g. Rotomatics). They do not fit Sperzel tuners

- 6 Imperial Style tuner buttons. Screws are not included, re-use your existing tuner button screws.
- Tone Ninja tuner buttons are made from real wood and as with any natural substance, coloration and pattern in the wood may vary slightly from button to button and from set to set.
- Screws are not included. Please re-use your existing screws in order to match the finish of your existing tuners.
Weight: 1.9g / 0.067 oz per button