Mars-Tronic Treblemaker

Mars-Tronic Treble Maker

This innovative treble bleed kit is designed to allow you you create and fine tune the tone that you are looking for from a treble bleed setup on your guitar, allowing series, parallel or both, with full control over the amount of series and parallel resistance applied using on-board pots.

(What is a Treble Bleed Circuit?)

The Treblemaker Slimline kit has direct solder terminals and is small enough to fit in most control cavities for a permanent installation.

Treble bleed circuits are designed to alleviate the issue where your tone control loses treble when the volume control is adjusted. Why compromise or make do? Try every circuit there is and fine tune the “Treblemaker” to your guitar.

Available in two versions, the Treblemaker allows you to select series, parallel or both and vary resistance between 10K and 500K. In the V2T version, push in wire connectors allow rapid no-solder connection and prototyping as well as soldered connections, while the more compact V2Slim is a solder only version for permanent installations.